Question about muting a category

Let’s say I create a new category called “For Sale” but I don’t want those kinds of posts to appear in those “you haven’t visited in a while” Summary emails.

So in the Admin section for “default categories muted”, I list this new “For Sale” category.

For all existing members, will they or will they not see “For Sale” posts in their Summary emails?

I ask because I would assume the answer is No but unfortunately users are seeing “For Sale” posts in their Summary emails.

Thanks for any light someone can shed!

You need to set it historically to muted for all existing users, see the following topic


Ahhh, thanks. We don’t have rails console access at our current host but I wonder if I can use the Discourse API to do this. I’ll have to do some investigating.

Thanks for the info!

If you’re hosted by Discourse you can request that they run the rails commands for you. If you’re hosted elsewhere (like Discourse Hosting), you should be able to ask them to do it - that’s why you pay for hosting!

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I’ll try that. We use Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting). Thx for the tip.

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