Question about tags limiting to a certain category

I know about he setting “Only allow these tags to be used in this category” however that limits it to just those tags. And we still want regular global tags to be available in that category.

Is there a way to make it so the global tags can still be used in the category, but there is also a subset that can only be used in that category?

Any idea on this one @neil?

I can add this to my list to investigate.


I’ve looked at this twice, written sql snippets to try to solve this problem, but the number of permutations we now have with these tag restriction rules is making it very complicated. It’s possible but I’ll need to write some new test cases to make sure I’m not breaking current behaviour. Keeping it on my list until I get a big chunk of time to focus on finishing this.


This is done, although wording on the modal still feels awkward to me. Words, how do they work?

I also snuck in a new link to the tag groups page since it was hard to discover that feature.