Question about the email configuration

I’m following the instruction of this page but I don’t understand the meaning of these 6 fields:

Email address for admin account(s)? [,]:  

Can I specify here an email address not related to the domain I’ll use with discourse?
Eg can I specift my gmail personal email address if this is the address I use the most often?

SMTP server address? []: 
SMTP port? [587]: 
SMTP user name? []: 
SMTP password? [pa$word]: 

Are these 4 fields related to the email provider recommended in this page?

Let's Encrypt account email? (ENTER to skip) []: 

Could you please explain to me what is it for?

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Hi! :smiley:

Yep you can use your personal email address, this email address is for your admin account when your forum is set up

Yes they are, you will need email for your discourse forum to work (email notifications, account activation, etc).

The SMTP details will be with the email provider you’ve chosen, and also make sure to set up SPF and DKIM records as the install guide says. Your email provider will have instructions on SPF and DKIM (it involves going to the place where you bought your domain name, and creating some TXT records).

This is for setting up HTTPS, you can read more here:

I don’t know too much besides having followed the install guide myself and helping a friend, so others can correct me :two_hearts:

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