How do I login to my Admin Account

I finished installing the discource on digital ocean.

And it It’s installed

But how do I login?

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You should have received an email.

What Email.
My real email?
or my SMTP email.

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You should have got a prompt to set an email for the account while installing right?

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No, I did not.

I did not get the email, and I check it again.

Then its a problem with your smtp config.

Ok, but how do I get the file then?

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should start the setup again

I started the setup, so what should I put in SMTP server address?

The website that I am using?

Also, can you give me an example for what should I put?

No you need to specify SMTP account you have created for which ever mail provider you have selected.


:warning: Email is CRITICAL for account creation and notifications in Discourse. If you do not properly configure email before bootstrapping YOU WILL HAVE A BROKEN SITE!

Source: Cloud install guide

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Does your inbound mail have SPAM filters? Be sure to check the junk mail box.

(Have to include the basics.)

How do I get lets encrypt?

If you have a valid DNS entry and your server is accessible across the internet without any proxy server it should be configured automatically.

I can’t even find my email from the discourse that was sent to me.

I am using SendGrid by the way.