Question Answer Plugin

That’s fair.

I’ll share our plugin list here, so other people are able to see, if there’s a match. Else, i need to create a local instance and see, if i can find our which plugins are conflicting. (I’ve reproduced the bug in both Chrome and Firefox).

# > Docker Manager
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
# > Trading buttons: Buy, Sell, Exchange
          - git clone
# > Topic List Previews
          - git clone
# > Hamburger Theme Selector
          - git clone
# > Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse
          - git clone
# > Affiliate
          - git clone
# > Assign
          - git clone
# > Checklist Plugin
          - git clone
# > Discourse Patreon Integration
          - git clone
# > Legal Tools Plugin
          - git clone
# > Who's Online
          - git clone
# > Topic Rating plugin
          - git clone
# > Discourse Encrypt (for Private Messages)
          - git clone
# > Question Answer Plugin
          - git clone
# > Discourse Voting
          - git clone

Hi, thanks for this plugin. I’m wondering what tags other have been using to call Q and A layout besides question. Using question right now, but sure other tags would make more sense depending upon the use case.

  • Is there any way to combine this plugin with Solved plugin?

I’d like to be able to list answers as Solutions within the Solved plugin since that plugin is indexed by Knowledge Explorer plugin and adds a check mark to a topic’s title.

Hi. How can I translate this plugin into Russian?


Our page is returning error 502, if I try to post an answer.

I’ve updated our instance with no luck. Still throwing error 502, after a few seconds…

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Filed an issue here

Nearly certain the issue arouse with one of the Aug 2 updates. One idea for a resolution would be to step back the version.

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@exetico @Curtis_Kephart After some digging it turns out that the issue you both reported will not occur if you run Discourse on any commit after (and including) this one

If you’re running Discourse on an older commit you’ll get this error

Unexpected error while indexing post for search : PG::NotNullViolation: ERROR: null value in column “private_message” violates not-null constraint

The plugin (unchanged) works as expected on the latest version of Discourse.


Huh, wierd. But wierd.

I’ll rebuild our site again :grin:

Amazing plugin indeed, i would love if we can somehow add UX like Quora and SO style, with sticky votes numbers when scrolling. Please continue supporting and updating this plugin, I love it.

I am going to use this plugin in conjunction with discourse official solved and feature voting plugin.

Please continue upgrading this plugin as discourse updates to avoid any compatibility issues.


I have few suggestions to improve this plugin UX.

It would be very nice

  1. if you guys remove the extra white empty padding/space it shows below the upvote arrow toward the left side of post, it just distorts the entire post look and feel, the post/look feel should be exactly as its in default discourse layout but just the sticky upvote/downvote arrows should show. right now the post content pushes on right side below the upvote arrow and it causes annoying blank white space on left side of the post :frowning:

  2. Also, there is a bug that when I’m reading answers , and if an answer has an image in the post, the image cuts towards the right side of the page. Again this bug is related to the unnecessary left padding on post content which I mentioned in my 1st point.

  3. The upvote buttons should be sticky and stay fixed and visisble if I’m reading a long post and as I continue scroll down, I should be able to still see the upvote button and count as I scrolldown through the post. it is very annoying when reading a long answer post I forget hhow.many upvotes this answer had… to see that I have scroll again to top of the post. to either see the count or upvote it.

  4. there should be an option to make 1 answer as best answer by author or staff/admin, that way we dont need to use discourse solved plugin and this will become independent full QnA plugin.

  5. I think this plugin is missing Google structuredata and markup to render the question and answers parse correctly in Google search snippets like it shows for Quora and Stackoverflow. this will definitely boost SEO scores of.the topics. which r QnA

I think you guys can get inspiration from Quora or stackoverflow current layout and learn how effectively readability and UX they provide even for long answers.

@angus @mbcahyono

I hope someone can follow my suggestions in the next plugin update. I promise u , users will love these improvements.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

This was originally added as a number of people asked for it, so I think you might be outvoted on that one.

Could you send a screenshot of this?

Interesting idea, what do you think @mbcahyono?

As this functionality already exists in another plugin, I’m not sure what the issue is here? What would be the advantage of duplicating that functionality? As you say, you can use both plugins at once.

Yes, that would be good to add. I’ll leave that up to @mbcahyono.

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  1. images cutting screenshots on mobile

  1. tables stars cutting and mis aligning due to extra padding on left side

  1. The text is pushed to right side too much due to unnecessary left side padding

Please see this topic on your mobile and try skim through the answers you will understand my point

Also, compare our plugin UI with Quora and Stackoverflow UI on mobile, u will see we can do lot of improvements

Look SO also has padding but its Answers look 100% easy to read and the images, code, or tables none of it is cutting, anything rich except text cuts on right side of screen.

Also, look SO has implemented correctly and all its answers and it’s best answer shows in Google serp, it looks nice

but in discourse QnA plugin the QuestionAnswer schema markup is missing.

Now look how well and easy to read layout is of Quora on mobile,

Also, the best answer thing will allow to have schema markup show inGoogle serps. I think this plugin should be a complete QnA solution so if we use this, we dont need the solved plugin as this QnA plugin has morefeatures then solved. but Its upto u guys.

Yes, the sticky fixed upvote button and count as i read scroll through long answers will be helpful.

Also, the left side extra padding makes me hard to read user answers. The full width default discourse posts r much easier to read, you can have the count and upvote button on top.left of the topic like the heart icon is at bottom left of the answer. That way the upvote arrow will not take extra empty space and distort the post readability in mobile view and will not push content and cut content on right side.

The full markup for Google structuredata will really boost SEO visibility in search engines for pages using this plugin. I’d love to have that. Like you guys did on rating plugin. Any other testing needed, I’m happy to help.

So, in short, you’re saying:

  1. There needs to be a tweak of the responsive (i.e. mobile) UX to slightly decrease the padding.

  2. Add Schema markup.

I think those are reasonable requests. We’ll take a look at implementing them when we can.

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yes exactly, thanks for summing my thoughts up :slight_smile: and if possible to show the sticky fixed upvote arrow and vote count as I read through the long answers and scroll down, they will be good.

Also, i think the upvote arrow should be bigger solid, bolded and more visible, something like Stackoverflow or like that:


Basically the arrows should be bigger and easier to spot, and same goes for the count, the answer count should be a bit big visible number so we can easily see it, how much voted an answer is. Especially for desktop and mobile screens. right now arrow and count is too small and hard to read. You can also make them have rounded circles if it looks cute.

Something like,

Many Thanks for accepting my suggestions!

[1.4.0] - 2020-10-05


  • German translation (thanks to DerFetzer)
  • Ability to move comment to answers (post admin actions → Move to answers)


  • Fix compatibility issues with Discourse latest tests-passed branch

I recently installed this plugin and replies to threads started to appear out of order in all parts of the site. A few others seem to have the same issue. The moderators moved the post into #support but maybe the issue needs to live here? Not sure so, I’m linking to that support post from here. If this is unnecessary, please let me know so I can delete this post.

Moving this discussion over here from #support

I’m running 2.7.0.beta1 and when I installed the Q&A plugin replies to posts started to appear in random order. Others started to exhibit the same issues identified in this thread.

@AJDurant came up with this query (below) to fix the order issue, but it did not solve the problem. The plugin still seems to post replies to posts in the wrong order. I uninstalled the plugin and ran:

rake posts:reorder_posts[1896]

but it did not reorder the previous posts.

I’m afraid to run this query without further investigation by someone qualified to evaluate the fix. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

      ORDER BY
    ) AS new_post_number
  posts AS p
  sort_order = o.new_post_number
  ordered_posts AS o
  p.sort_order <> o.new_post_number

Hi all, just wanted to mention I ran into this problem on current TestsPass and removed the Question Answer plugin to resolve it.

Hey guys, @mbcahyono will respond in more detail soon, but in the meantime, can we clarify a few things.

@sunjam Did you see that issue after deleting the category? Also, did you just notice that issue in the logs or did it affect your site in any way?

@dfriestedt @AJDurant Please check if you have the plugin enabled in the category where the posts are appearing in a different order. The plugin will automatically order posts according to the QA order in categories where it is enabled (that is the intended behaviour). If you disable it in a category it will reorder the posts according to the normal post order.

For example, I just toggled the “Make all topics in this category QnA.” setting back and forth in the question and answer category on and the posts re-ordered as expected (and no non-qa category topics affected). No custom queries involved.

When enabled

When disabled

If that’s not working for you, could also give us some more detail on

  • How long you’ve been using the plugin for (i.e. did this just happen recently?)
  • What other 3rd party plugins have you been using now or in the past
  • What custom sort queries you’ve been using?
  • Does your site use tags? If so does this only happen in topics with a tag?
  • Is the site setting qa enabled enabled?

If you just want to fix it

If you just want to fix the issue, regardless of whether this plugin has caused it or not, you don’t need to run a custom query, rather remove this and any other plugins that might be changing your sort order, then in your server run the following

./launcher enter app
rake posts:reorder_posts

That task will set the order of all posts on your site according to the normal order (when they were created). If that does not work for you, you have some other issue that is unrelated to this plugin. I can help you diagnose that further, but will need some more information.

@dfriestedt if you’re trying to pass a topic id in there (the task takes a topic id as an argument if you want to target a specific topic), try running it like this instead:

rake "posts:reorder_posts[1234]"
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Sorry for the issue. I’ve created a PR for this, waiting to be merged:

@dfriestedt Is this what you experienced? If not, I will look deeper into this and possibly fix the issue today.


I’ve merged the PR :+1: