Question Answer Plugin

(Sora &\) #145

Thank you so much!
i Done!

(Majed Alhrbi) #146

My whole website is about Q&A which is depends on this plugin.
Lately I faced some issues that new or updated answers comes in the top while the questions goes to the bottom of the page. e.g أين توجد محلات بيع الدراعات الكويتيه بالكويت ؟ - السفر إلى الكويت - مجتمع ترانزيت اسئلة واجوبة المسافرون العرب

How can I resolve this.
I tried to Rebake posts, rebuild discourse but no success.

(Angus McLeod) #147

Sorry you’re having an issue. I’ll take a look tomorrow.

(Angus McLeod) #148

Looking at your site, it seems that topic is the only one with the issue. Are there any others?

As to that topic, I suspect the issue is caused by the fact that it’s a three year old topic and you installed the question answer plugin after the topic was created.

The recent post is a “comment” on an answer which is why it appears near the top (it is appearing correctly under the answer it is comment on).

The issue is that the question is appearing at the bottom of the topic for some reason. I’ve made a tweak to the order logic which should fix it. You’ll need to update and then create a new answer or comment in that topic (you can delete it afterwards).

(Majed Alhrbi) #149

That’s correct, Its only happens with old posts. Thank you for the updates :ok_hand:. It solved the issue

(MKhalifa) #150

how to install the plugin could you please give some instruction of how to install it ?

(Jay Pfaffman) #151

Like any other plugin. Search “#howto install plugin”

(MKhalifa) #152

thanks installed it now

(Jose C Gomez) #153

There is an error of on this plugin after the latest update.
When you visit the pending users message “One User Pending Approval” page the page won’t load (only half of the page) with this error. Disabling this plug in fixes the issue.

_ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:29446 TypeError: Cannot read property 'qa_one_to_many' of undefined
    at setupComponent (_plugin-third-party-78fff53bee08d5374d237bfb07d7389d9c8ce5a33187bf7b215086e104e0f160.js:69)
    at s.init (_application-80ee9fc6123d4a680c007646f102ba0abe0db9bfb9b32b60a347064dcf1d536e.js:47189)
    at s.n [as init] (_ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:50483)
    at new s (_ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:47842)
    at Function.u.create (_ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:48035)
    at e.create (_ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:14063)
    at n.create (_ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:24838)
    at _ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:11461
    at e.evaluate (_ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:11459)
    at (_ember_jquery-07f49b58317ea9292d939348ec0091eb50a9d8aaabd9e86cc074ef5f049918aa.js:11710)

(Angus McLeod) #154

Thanks, fixed:

(Jay Pfaffman) #155

Did anything get broken in the Great FontAwesome upgrade?

(Angus McLeod) #156

I pushed a few updates a little while ago and some more just today. It should be all A OK now.

(Jay Pfaffman) #157

Thanks! I figured no news was good news and upgraded yesterday. I am aware of no ill effects, but I’ll do another update now.


Is there a way mark as solved can be enabled and disabled via tagging like this plugin and in tandem with it? Given my forum’s directory structure, it would be unintuitive having to add a subcategory only for mark as solved topics. This plug-in, in my humble option, uses a much smarter approach than the mark as solved plug-in does. Hat’s off to the devs… If only it could replace it entirely…

(Angus McLeod) #159

Not currently. You could hire me to do it, or you could wait until I have some free time…(2020?)


Thanks. PM sent expressing my intent and interest.

(Mario) #161

Hi @angus, great plugin!

  1. Counting of votes
    If a user upvotes a post, does this count then as a like?
    Since a lot of the user reputation is coupled with post liking, having these two go hand in hand seems to make sense.
    Maybe it is the case but I could not figure it out.

  2. String translations
    There are a number of strings which are not translated into German such as “Answer” or “X person voted for this post”.
    How can I translate these strings into German?



Does it supports Google’s Q&A schema markup?

(jrgong) #163

After the new 2.2 update it has become more complicated to change the fill colors of the SVG icons via CSS.

In my case I made the Comment button bg color same as all my other reply buttons.
Does anyone have a suggestion how to adjust the fill color of the svg icon in an easy way?


I’m running into a UI issue: my users keep creating new answers in response to other answers, I assume because they don’t realize they should be using the “Comment” button instead.

This is understandable given that they’re used to using “Reply” everywhere else, and probably don’t notice the button says “Answer” instead, especially as the arrow icon is the same.

Would it make sense to style the “Comment” to look more like “Reply”, and changing “Answer” to maybe use a different color and/or changing the icon to something that Reply doesn’t also use?