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It seems there is a bug with the diary setting when viewing a topic on mobile:

after the post there is a huge white space
can you check @angus ?

@pfaffman I’ve just pushed a fix for this plugin to bring it up to speed with the latest.


I love this plugin. Thank you @angus


@scavin Thank you for doing the Chinese translations!


Any news on scrollbar implementation for “one-to-many” layout?

First, very cool plugin. Second, in the sandbox, the “show comments” toggle doesn’t appear to toggle (meaning it just opens, without toggling back to closed if you click it again).

Am I doing it wrong? Do I click something else to toggle?

This isn’t being worked on at the moment, but happy to put it on the agenda if we can get a feature request with more than 5 votes:

You’ll need an account on my sandbox to access the wizard.

This is indeed a bug! If you have the time to submit a report here it would be much appreciated:

You’ll need an account on my sandbox to access the wizard.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Angus,
We really want to make our formu Q&A so we tried to use your plugin.
Some points:

  1. We get an error in the DevTools - “Could not find widget actions-summary-item in registry”.
    I saw in your Github that you were using it. Is it a bug?

  2. We can’t see the undo button after clicking the vote button. It could be due to my first point, but I’m not sure.

  3. What are the plants on the unlike button?

  4. When a post has comments, it does not have the ‘show comments’:

  5. In your sandbox I noticed that if you click ‘show comments’ you can’t undo it (close the comments section).

Thank you.

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Hey @verilog15, those do seem like bugs, if possible could you submit a bug report?

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