Questions about Discourse Forum and Digital Ocean? Hosting?

Hi guys!

I wanted to create a forum in my specialty, so I bought a domain and a hosting on a site they also installed WordPress in it.

I wanted to use Discourse Forum", so I used this tutoral to get it done:

But I have issues, also questions:

  • does this mean my host is basically Digital Ocean, not the original site I paid?

  • I managed to set it up but my main page is still Worldpress, ( so it currently look like this " " ) is it possible to migrate the forum to my main site.

  • I followed the guide but the mail system doesn’t work so nobod can register… Any tip what I screwed up?

Thanks in advance, Im not on IT field so thaks for the understanding.

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You need to follow Discourse official Standard Installation. It’s easiest to have Discourse on its own droplet without any other web servers.

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