Questions about reg & login in version 2.9

We saw in that Discourse is about to switch from dialogs to dedicated pages for login and signup. Wondering if there are any mocks that our team can look at? We are also about to make some changes to our registration designs so we’d like to make sure that they will be compatible with your changes.

Also, is there a timeline for when this will be released? Thanks!

Hi Marrisse, don’t believe there are any mockups at this time. I imagine the design team will share once they have something.

As for timing, hard to say. 2.7 is scheduled for final release May 18. Work on 2.8 should start a week or two later. Releases take an average of 5 months. However, unless you’re tracking the stable branch - not recommended - you’ll see the new login page sooner than that as we practice continual development. Keep an eye on the #release-notes tag and the #feature:announcements category for an announcement.


Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

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This got moved to 2.9.

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