Questions about the 'Delete Spammer' feature

Hi there. I have certain doubts about using the Delete Spammer feature, I have tried it for the 1st time in a discourse community. It does delete the post but does it block the IP of the spammer? If the user somehow manages to log in from a cached session, their account gets suspended? These are the doubts I have. Please clarify :slight_smile: Thank you!

At the time you delete a user, you are also given the opportunity to block their IP and email address.


So that means it doesn’t block the IP address of the spammer by default :thinking: Can’t really understand your wordings…

It depends. In the queue when you press Delete Spammer there will be a choice to just delete and another to delete on block the IP

oh ok, weird why the queue didn’t show up…

It doesent always show it. It only appears when a user can be deleted and the flag type is spam, inappropriate, and some system flags

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