Suggestion: Add 'Delete topics, delete and block users' to bulk actions menu


As I’m sure is the case for any install that allows some level of email posting by non-registered users, eg: email support portal, we receive a moderate amount of spam. About 3-5 messages a day in our case. In the morning when I first check our forum and I see there are a few spam posts, the steps to delete the post and then delete and block are:

  1. click title of post
  2. click trashcan
  3. click user’s avatar
  4. click user’s avatar again to get into the user’s profile
  5. click delete
  6. click Delete and block this email and IP address
  7. return to latest topics and repeat for each spam post.

My suggested improvement is to add a button to the bulk actions menu that both deletes the selected topics, as well as deletes the accounts and blocks the email and IP address for whoever made those topics. Maybe call it Delete Spam for short. This would shorten the flow to:

  1. check off all topics that are spam
  2. click wrench icon
  3. click delete spam

(Jeff Atwood) #2

How many spam messages are blocked by your mail provider in that same timeframe? We get virtually no spam to our public email that makes it through. (Via Google apps biz account) Maybe 2 per week rounding up a lot.


Oh filters get most of it. What’s left is the stuff I don’t expect any spam filter to catch. Things like “Please attend our trade show” or “we’ll be doing a sales demo in your city”, which isn’t going to be easily distinguished from the legit emails we get.