Quick access to bookmarks and messages on user menu

It’s already done :smiley:

Sounds like a good idea to me - adding a plugin outlet there should be fairly easy.


Ah - I hadn’t installed the theme component yet so couldn’t see the assigned tab. I now have and see it is there. Sweet! :candy:


I took a quick look, and I don’t think it’s related to the component? I can also repro the grey icon on try:

But the icon is blue in safe mode, for both meta and try… Weird.


Yes I second this. We can kill the gear off. There are other ways to get there and it isn’t critical to be here.

I think we should wait on that aspect, this is already kind of a radical change, we should live with it for a while before piling on even more changes.

Overall I like it a lot :+1:


I also noticed this on community.wanikani.com so it doesn’t seem related to me.

This change is really cool so far. I like that it makes bookmarks more prominent since they were so easy to forget about before.


Dropped the cog and increase the width by a bit:

Not sure if we want even more (the top one)?

I actually have made the change, but I am happy to revert it / leave it as a component and not fold it into core later.

FWIW, this is another layout I had in mind, but can save the conversation for later when we are considering this.

(The new profile tab depends on this PR).


I do have one piece of feedback actually. On mobile dark theme at least, it’s pretty hard to see which of the tabs is actually selected. If I look closely I can see the line surrounding the selected tab’s icon, but it’s really subtle. Perhaps the color of the line should have a little more contrast with the background? In fact, the color line I see surrounding the reply box as I type this reply (still mobile dark theme) might work nicely.


This is FANTASTIC :confetti_ball: … my following feedback is going to be very nit picky … so please … bear with me. :bear:

  1. For some reason … I am getting a scrollbar now so we are some pixels off. I know that @Johani and @awesomerobot have been fighting a bit with the dynamic sizing here, so this may not be entirely new.


  1. We got to move the anonymous mode stuff to your new wonderful home (site setting " allow anonymous posting"):



  1. Tabs like having ears… OK this is the most nit picky of all, but 4px there will help it look more like a tab


  1. Arrow down thing does not make sense here, just adds noise:


My feeling here is that this is good to ship :ship:, let’s live with this for say 1 more week (pending the super nit pick central I just had to offer). Then this short lived component may have to die in favor of simply shipping this with core.

The more I use this, the more I love this. It makes bookmarks and assign far more useful to me.


I love this change!

I had one suggestion - should messages not come after notifications - since its more frequently used than bookmarks in general?

2 minor improvements that I think would be good:

1) When you enter the profile page, the topmost tabs are:

I think it would be good to add them (actually, Notifications, Invites and Badges are the only ones that are not there yet) to the profile (aka sam) tab, in this order (along with removing the down arrow, that doesn’t make sense here).

2) When you hover the cursor over the down arrow in all tabs it shows view older notifications, but it would make more sense view older bookmarks and view older messages in their respective tabs.

This theme component is great so far. Thanks for doing it!

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I think this depends on the length of topic titles in the drop-down, which is highly variable. One way to “fix” it is to restrict all titles to just what fits on a single line and hide the overflow, but that’d be pretty painful to look at. However, restricting them to just two lines seems more tenable based on what’s in my drop-down right now?


+1. I also have a scrollbar, with or without the new component.

This is because how we currently estimate the number of notifications to show. If there total height exceeds the window height (in the case of multiple three-line notifications), the scrollbar will be visible.


Nice, let’s try this in the component! Added some styling to do just that.



:ear: I took the bottom approach (easier and prettier?) to push items inward a bit. But I realized the person icon no longer nicely aligns with the icons below:


Is this something we are okay with? Will try to find a clean fix around this in the meantime.

Dropped it for the profile tab!

Also, the arrow always shows for assignments, bookmarks, and messages, regardless of the number of items. I was worried that “second click to the full page” feature is not obvious enough.

Ah thanks, good catch! Or maybe a generic “view all” will do? Will defer this (and another look at label uses) till we are folding this into core.

Makes sense, thanks! I adjusted the color a little bit for dark mode.


This is looking fantastic to me! I say we live with this till next Wednesday on meta. Then… a PR is absolutely welcome to bring this in as is in to core and kill the component. @codinghorror also loves this.

I do not mind the slight misalignment due to the ear, it looks fine to me and this stuff usually bugs me a lot.

I love the iteration speed here, the quality and the thought you put into it!

At this point the only “nit” I have left picking is that on absolute initial load stuff jumps a bit and you get a scrollbar for a few fractions of a second. very minor and I am sure a bit of css can cure it.


A bug - clicking Log Out takes you to your user summary, unable to successfully sign out:


I can confirm @nexo’s bug report here on meta.

On my sites I don’t seem to have this person tobiaseigen menu yet - clicking on it just takes me to my activity page.


Thanks, I just pushed a fix! Updating the theme component should do it.

Could you try updating Discourse? You will need to be on latest Discourse for the person / profile quick access tab, specifically this commit from two days ago.


That was quick work - the fix works!

Arrgh. I should have known to try that first. :slight_smile: But yes, updating discourse worked and now this functionality works on my site.

Thank you! :rocket:


How about a custom links setting in the theme component? I can see this being super useful for every site with SSO to provide dashboard links relevant only to logged in members. On my site I just replaced a custom header with the Brand header theme component which is working great, and future proof too with no customizations! Now would also like to be able to add an “Edit profile” linking to wordpress that is also future proof.


You may make all notifications under tabs scrollable. It’s redirecting to another page even for a quick peek.