Quick check -- can I mute a category automatically for newly-prompted TL1 (or TL2) users?

Let’s say a site has a “New Users! Start Here!” category, and that for obvious reasons we want that at the top by default. Now, more experienced users might know that they can hide that by muting it, but might also not. If I add this category to “Muted” in the group’s “Category default notifications”, will this auto-hide that category for folks when they reach TL1 (or TL2 or whatever)?


Yes, this is correct!

A user’s “Category → Notifications” preferences will be updated to those of a group’s “Category Default Notifications” at the time they join the group.

With the settings that you’ve shown in the screenshot, any users who are added to the Trust Level 1 group (manually or automatically) will have the “New Users! Start here!” category muted.

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