Quick Messages Plugin

(Angus McLeod) #182

hm, this is not the behavior I’m seeing. Can your check your console and logs for errors? Does this happen every time?

Also, could you link me to your site so I can test there?

(Anton) #183

This has also been reported by a few members now.
Nothing specific that I can see in the logs which is related to your plugin code.

(Anton) #184

http://forum.kozovod.com - my nickname is meg. After signing up, you can switch to English in your profile settings.

I can easily reproduce the issue - it actually happens every time I talk with someone in pvt. NOTE: I’m using the standard private messages, not responding through your plugin.

UPD. Also, I just discovered that it shows (1) in a green circle as soon as I write a message to someone without using your plugin. This is also an issue that should be fixed.

(Angus McLeod) #185

Please change my tl so I can send messages.

username: Angus_McLeod

(Anton) #186

Done for Angus_McLeod

(Angus McLeod) #187

I’ve committed a number of fixes for unread state coming out of our testing. Please rebuild with the latest on this plugin and let’s test again.

(Anton) #188

Still a “green one” appears immediately when I post a message to someone!

(Angus McLeod) #189

Ok, made another change for that specific issue. There were a number of issues with count to fix. Please try again.

(Johnny) #190

@angus I just installed this plugin, but When I received a message from default system user, it didn’t show that message in this plugin. Is it a bug?

(Anton) #191

The issue now is that there is often NO counter displayed in the green box when it should be.

(Angus McLeod) #192

Hey @john3. What kind of message is it? Is it an automated message or a message composed by a real person?

(Anton) #193

Just to keep track of updates, I still don’t get any green circle notifications when new PM is sent to me… :frowning:

(Angus McLeod) #194

Yes, my apologies, I will get to this as soon as I can. Over the weekend I was working on full page chat for babble which required all of my attention. Many balls in the air at the moment.

(Sly Do) #195

Ok Angus, We really enjoy your plugin here in France!

Installed yesterday, works fine!
Well I noticed some bugs or improvements. Please consider our feedback.

  1. Emojis don’t work in direct message box. Grey Screen here:

  2. Hide/Show the direct message box = Close the direct message box

  3. Create a new conversation with a new user (never speak to him before) need to begin with a message of minimun 20 characters (depends of configuration, but you see what i mean…) All responses after that don’t have to respect this 20 characters limitation (that’s OK!).

  4. In the Top Direct Message Menu,

  5. long post names are cropped, maybe we could use two lines or resize the top menu box?

  6. cause of French translation or I don’t know, “Create New Message” text is cropped

sorry for the long feeback and Gif abuse…

(Angus McLeod) #196

@Sly_Do Thanks for the feedback!

This is fixed.

This is intentional. If there is no content in the compose input (as in your gif), hide = close. This is the same as the normal Discourse compose. If there is content in the compose input hide = minimize

This is fixed.

@meglio Looking at the unread count issue again now.

(Angus McLeod) #197

This should work now. After struggling with it for a while, I’ve reverted to using the built in unread_private_messages count generated by discourse core. The message count will be the same as what you would normally see in vanilla discourse minus messages that are not user to user.

This is fixed.

(Angus McLeod) #198

This plugin is now up to date with Ember 2.4 (see further here).

(Johnny) #199

@angus I just updated, and my site crashed. after disabling this plugin its working fine again. please check the issue.

P.s: the version I am using is: 1.6.8

(Angus McLeod) #200

@john3 Are you sure it’s this plugin? Running both locally and in docker on a live server on the latest version I’m not seeing issues. If the issue persists, please send me some logs so I can figure out why it’s happening in your case.

(Johnny) #201

@angus ummm I had 3 plugins installed, Babble, quick message and spoiler. So I uninstalled all. site worked. then I installed Babble, site worked. then I installed message plugin site was again blank with background color of my forum. So hence I uninstalled the quick message plugin again, and site worked fine.