Quick Messages Plugin

(Fajfi) #224

I dont know if its only for me but its kinda buggy.

There is a problem with viewing pages and typying on the chat simultanously, some entries missing and you need to refresh page to see new entry on the chat.

Is it possible to disable pm notifications when quick messages is on (when typying with someone)?

(Angus McLeod) #225

Thanks for the feedback

Could you explain this one a bit more? Do you mean you’re switching between the PM topic and the quick messages version of the same topic and the messages posted on one topic view are not showing up immediately on the other topic view?

Could you explain this one a bit more as well? Do you mean you don’t want to get chrome notifications about a PM topic when you have the quick message compose for that topic open?

(Simeon) #226

This plugin is awesome, two things I’d like to see…

  1. Styled chat bubbles around both received and sent messages
  2. The username at the top of the chat window

(Angus McLeod) #227

Thanks for the feedback!

Any style change like this would need to be an overall ‘incremental’ improvement that everyone is happy with. Maybe show me a mockup of what you have in mind?

Yes good point, will do this soon.

(Simeon) #228

Nothing too crazy, just something like this? The blue colour would be pulled from the site theme.

(Anton) #229

I updated everything yesterday and the quick message icon is not visible anymore

(Angus McLeod) #230

Did you update from an old version? You may need to “enable” the plugin in the settings.

(Angus McLeod) #231

Nice. Will do this soon.

(Anton) #232

yep, it was enabled.

Actually, I disabled it after getting the icon lost, in the hope that at least the native green notification counter will appear, but it did not either. Is it hidden by your plugin? If so, can you un-hide it when your plugin is switched off in the settings?

(Evg) #233

The quick message icon is not anymore. Installation new

(Angus McLeod) #234

@meglio @kemporu Guys, I’m struggling to find whatever is preventing the menu icon from appearing on your instances.

Please take a look at:

  1. Your logs, looks for exceptions
  2. Any other plugins you’re using? There may be a conflict.

To see the plugin working as normal with the latest version of Discourse you can check out my dev site: https://dev.civll.com/

(Anton) #235

@angus Can’t see any error logs related to your plugin.


This plugin doesn’t appear for me. Might be conflicting with the Babbl plugin. Anyone else have this issue?

(Makary Gołosz) #237

Hey, just wanted to give you a big KUDOS for this plugin, I’m in love with it :heart_eyes:
Also, having sound notifications would be nice :slight_smile:

(xiasummer) #238

Seems to encounter an error when installing the plugin. Always Error, don’t know why.

(Christoph) #239

It look like the plugin is broken:

(Angus McLeod) #240

@tophee @xiasummer @EducatorWaji

There were some minor bugs in the big refactor I recently committed. Now fixed.

Can't update due to broken plugin
(xiasummer) #241

Great!!! I’ve tested it, very interesting.

And can I edit the picture of the message. Like the wechat icon


I think it shows this is the free talking system while the Envolope icon shows this is some serious message system.

Oh, and how to find the other people?

while in the origin system, we can just click the avatar of that user, and it shows a clickable “Message” buttom. But in Quick Message, there is no so simple method. Could it also be integrated into the avatar.

(xiasummer) #242

Perfectly working. But on the other hand, I’m wondering whether it can add some more functions.

Like, when I’m talking with Person A, and I want Person B to also join into the chat, how can I just add the person in?

I see in the integrated message system, it can be done easily, while in this quick message system, seems to be not easy.

(Aman Jagga) #243

Looks like again broken with latest update v1.9.0.beta4 , the text box for typing is not visible in chat window
Attaching screenshot for the same. Someone please confirm the same