Quick Messages Plugin

Any clues where should I hunt for errors if seeing this?


Relevant .yml snip:

    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/docker_manager.git
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-spoiler-alert.git
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-solved.git
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-voting
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-checklist
          # slack integ
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-chat-integration.git
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-policy
          - git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-calendar

          - git clone https://github.com/angusmcleod/discourse-question-answer
          # chat plugin
          # - git clone https://github.com/gdpelican/babble.git
          # quick messages
          - git clone https://github.com/angusmcleod/discourse-quick-messages
          # parallel editing
          - git clone https://github.com/gdpelican/collude
          # reactions
          - git clone https://github.com/gdpelican/retort

Hey @pihentagy, do you mean the fact quick messages is not linked to a repo and doesn’t have a settings link? This is just because I hadn’t hooked up this metadata for the plugin.

You can find the quick messages settings by going into your settings and searching for “quick messages”.

In any event, I’ve added that metadata in :slight_smile:


Did you figure out a solution for this?

Unfortunately not. :expressionless:

@jord8on Hey, are you talking about this?

Happy to add it into the work schedule if we can:

  1. Get a feature request: Feature Request

  2. Get 5 votes or a sponsor for it.

See further here: https://discourse.angusmcleod.com.au/k/how-to/how-to-request-a-plugin-feature/894

cc @terraboss

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Plugin outside

Yes on mobile devices the chat windows renders outside the screen. On my forum it is the same.
Is there a solution for this?

@hewo7 @Bank_Live Thanks for the prompts about this. I’ll fix it tomorrow :+1:

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@angus A great plugin, works perfectly!

I guess this isn’t a priority at the moment, but while you are fixing things, would it be possible to fix these:

New Message text is a bit off.


Emojis and Image icons are not alligned properly.


Maybe move this field, as well as the icons, as they are too close to the edge on the top.


Thank you and once again, well done!

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@Bank_Live @hewo7 The mobile UI bug is fixed:

@calebs I’ve also made some style tweaks and some other fixes


@angus Thank You! Works perfect! :+1:


I seem to be getting a bug where users can carry on typing below the visible screen. I’ve turned off all plugins which i’m able to turn off and the issue remains. Is anyone else having this?

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Thanks @AndyatFocallocal I’ve pushed a fix for this.