Quick Messages Plugin

I see this when backing out of the quick message list without tapping into a conversation.

I would love to know this as well.

An additional question:

How am I able to hide it from the top header bar as an icon, if the above is possible?

If the above is not possible that jrgong asked, how am I able to limit it to Desktop only?

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When I try to upload a Image over the Chat Button, I get a error, that “a error appeared during upload. Please retry”:

my site is in german so the message error also appears as that, transaltion see above :wink:

When I check the Google Webconsole, I can see a error 400:

I’ve also checkd the discourse log, but didn’t see a entry.

Edit: Nevermind, saw now on your Github, that a issue is open :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, sorry for the neglect on this plugin, I’ve been very busy!

I just pushed another fix for the header-cloak issue on mobile and a setting that lets you disable quick messages on mobile.

I will take a look at the other items as soon as possible.



The “Mobile Setting” allows toggle for it to be Desktop only, correct?

Hi, thanks for this plugin it’s been so helpful!

It looks like you might have addressed this bug in a previous release, but I think I am running the latest and still seeing a grey overlay on mobile. Also weird/broken is that once I trigger that overlay from the message icon, all of the top nav icons seem to misfire. Screenshot below.

I’ve cleared cloudflare and local cache - this only seems to be on mobile but does happen on mobile safari and chrome.

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My site runs into this as well. It becomes frozen and you need to refresh the site to get out of it

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We’re seeing the same problems on our forum, and i guess it’s a bug with Quick Messages - however i’m not 100% sure…

@angus Can you comment on this?

@alexknowshtml @exetico @nexo Thanks guys, I’ll take a look at this tomorrow: https://discourse.angusmcleod.com.au/t/quick-messages-gray-overlay/836


Thanks! It looks like another bug with #header-cloak. If i remove "display: block;`, i’m able to select one of the PM’s in the messages-menu.

Another (bug 2):
Popups from bootbox is showing up behind the quick-message due to invalid use of z-index.

Example below…
If i provide a empty message, this is the results:

(Here’s the popup behind)

The same thing happens if i’m trying to close a PM where i’ve typed a few lettets, and it’s asking whether i want do discard the message, or not.

I noticed that z-index: 99999; is added to .messages-container, however the bootbox has z-index: 1300;.

I’m unsure whether there’s a specific reason for the high number, so i’ll leave it here, instead of a pull-request :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks. I’ll take a look at those today as well: Quick Messages: Various style bugs - Tasks - Pavilion.


iOS 12
iPhone 6S

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Quick message not working in Mobile(Android Oreo 8.0).

@alexknowshtml @exetico @nexo @Eduardo_Braga @Viki Thanks guys, this should fix the cloak issue you’re reporting.


@exetico This should fix the z-index issue.



Windows 10

Is the position right?

Thank you so much. Update fixed the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Eduardo_Braga Thanks, I’ve pushed another updated and also made a PR to discourse core. See further:

cc @Viki

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Thanks Angus! Unfortunately, there appears to be two more bugs I found.

  1. When selecting the emoji icon, scrolling through the emoji overlay doesnt work/its frozen. However, you can select the categories of emojis on the left sidebar of the overlay.

  2. The area to tap to start typing and the text box is way off. It’s almost vertical. Could you try reproing this?

Thanks, I’ve put these on the agenda:


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There is a message synchronization problem with chat plugin Babble, does someone notice it too?

When Babble chat is open, new message only sometimes show in Quick Messages windows :frowning: