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I try to make a theme component which we can filter the notifications in menu panel. I used as template Kris’s fantastic theme component Add a New Message button to the PM notification menu

It contains two buttons on top of the notifications list All and Unread. Now I can filtering the unread and all notifications.

One more thing left I think. If no unread notifications then these buttons should hidden or show a message when click the Unread button. I try to figure how to make this but unfortunately no success yet. :confused:

You can find the repo here: GitHub - VaperinaDEV/quick-notifications-filter

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I updated it and added the no unread empty state. I’m sure there is much better way to do this but for now this is my best. I try to train myself more and make better ones. :slightly_smiling_face:


@dodesz strikes again with an awesome feature.

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I think this idea is amazing, I would like to contribute something. I want to translate this to pt-br. The locate version is in English, but I think if we had multiple languages ​​it would be really cool and amazing

my initial vision of this idea


I would send a pull request with the locate version in ptbr.

sample content from: quick-notifications-filter/locales/ptbr.yml

    all: "Todas as notificações"
    all_title: "Mostrar todas as notificações"
    unread: "Não lidas"
    unread_title: "Mostrar notificações não lidas"


If you find this interesting, I’ll send you a locate in ptbr today. Thus, it will have support in addition to English for ptbr.


Hi @anon40545810 ,
I made an update and I added a no unread empty state so the language file is also changed. Please feel free to make a PR or send me. Thank you!

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Pull request sent and thank you very much for the consideration of receiving my pull request.


Thanks! I merged it: Merge pull request #1 from nkot56297/patch-1 · VaperinaDEV/quick-notifications-filter@57bebe2 · GitHub

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