Quick Quote Theme Component

I have been absent from the Discourse these times, but thank you for keeping seeing about this. @merefield. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Would it be possible to have it quote the beginning of the post rather than the end, or is this just default discourse behavior?

if you increase the quoted character limit setting to some huge number you will get everything. If that setting falls below the total length, it will crop from the beginning, so you lose the start.

The last part is chosen because that’s how you move between participants.

It would be possible to change this and add a setting to control it I’m sure.

Hi, a couple of questions/suggestions on features to be added:

  • user preference option: ability for each user to enable/disable according to its personal preference
  • an extension of the above, ability to choose quick quote in mobile-only (desktop is often less problematic)

I’ll double check but I’m not convinced this is possible in a TC, only a plugin.

This is a good idea, but remember on desktop you can simply use the quote tool.

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