Quick Quote Theme Component

I have been absent from the Discourse these times, but thank you for keeping seeing about this. @merefield. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Would it be possible to have it quote the beginning of the post rather than the end, or is this just default discourse behavior?

if you increase the quoted character limit setting to some huge number you will get everything. If that setting falls below the total length, it will crop from the beginning, so you lose the start.

The last part is chosen because that’s how you move between participants.

It would be possible to change this and add a setting to control it I’m sure.

Hi, a couple of questions/suggestions on features to be added:

  • user preference option: ability for each user to enable/disable according to its personal preference
  • an extension of the above, ability to choose quick quote in mobile-only (desktop is often less problematic)

I’ll double check but I’m not convinced this is possible in a TC, only a plugin.

This is a good idea, but remember on desktop you can simply use the quote tool.

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For some reason my forum system is removing the quotes and leaving the reply messages without the quote, do you know why this happens and how to fix it?

Haven’t looked at this in … 2.5 years.

I’ll take a look and see if this is working as expected tomorrow if I have a moment :+1:

That looks a little like the ‘Automatically removed quote of whole previous post’ function rather than this theme component?

If so, that can be turned off via the remove full quote admin setting.

There’s more info here Removal of full quotes from direct replies

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I don’t allow quoting whole post and still automatic one works. But I’m limiting quoted post, can it mean something?

Seems to be working, miraculously, after nearly ~2.5 years of no maintenance?! Appears so!

So currently agree with @JammyDodger … I don’t think this is your issue @danielabc

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This has received some :heart:


help! when I’m replying to the topic, it quotes the entire block of text from the original post

Hmmm … cannot repro I’m afraid, can you share you settings? Which button are you pressing?


Is there a way to differentiate between “reply to post” button that is on the original post vs. “reply to post” on all the comments/responses/replies to the original post?

And your settings … ?

OK so that makes sense.

No, hence partly why quick quote post location threshold is normally 3 I believe.

A quick workaround would be to set that to at least 1 which would block the last (and first post). The assumption is you don’t need to quote the very last post as it is right there in front of you.

tbh, I don’t quite understand why you are making a special case of the first post?

What is the real functional difference between always quoting and always quoting except the OP?

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I see, thanks!! - I’ll just change the threshold to make it more organized.

Just from the user’s perspective, sometimes they just click on the first “reply” button they see on mobile and then they end quoting the original post which isn’t necessary

i just changed the text on the bottom button to “Reply to Topic” and problem solved.


that’s a good workaround. thank you!!