Quote reply not working properly

When I highlight text in a post, click on “Quote” in the pop-up, and then click reply, the reply box opens up and I can see the quote is there as it should be. I type my reply and click post, but the quote doesn’t appear in my reply.

If I then do the same thing a second time, the quote appears properly in my reply.

This is strange behavior to have to do this twice to make it work. Has anyone seen this before or have a solution?

I am using a vanilla discourse installation so no additional plugins, themes, or anything else installed.

Try this theme component:

Are there instructions to install this? Couldn’t find them anywhere. Thanks

hmm :thinking: it sounds like you may need to have a look at these settings, probably the first one.

go to admin-all site settings and type “quote” in the filter and you should find them.


Ok, I assume I would uncheck “remove full quote” to make it work properly?

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yes. more info here