Quick replies for Discourse Chat notifications

Starting today, the Discourse Chat notification allows users to reply inline in the notification itself :tada:

The UI for this is different on every OS, as it integrates into the native notification system.

Smartwatch Android Wear OS

Screenshot_20221111_134732_sysui Screenshot_20221111_134742_sysui Screenshot_20221111_134750_sysui




All going well, possible next steps for around this feature would be:

  • Adding support for inline reactions

  • Sending inline replies as “in reply to” to the message they are replying

  • Adding support for inline replies for topics / posts

  • Handling errors when sending inline replies, be it network or business logic errors.

  • i18n of the reply button and placeholder


This is a great addition. I was so confused when I thought, “wow, a dynamic example image showing my username”, and then realizing it was just a screenshot of my username. :sweat_smile:

I love how quickly this chat feature is growing–I can’t wait until the right time to add it to our community. As much as I love Discord, from our business use case, I really don’t want to have another platform to manage and to fragment my users into.

A nice feature to have would be to select one or more chat messages and break them off into a topic.


When will iOS support happen? I still have to have a 3rd party app to get instant push notifications with content too.


No idea, that’s on Apple. We implement against the open web standard and it works on every OS that implements the spec, like Windows, Android, Chrome OS, etc. One can hope that when/if Apple implements WebPush in 2023 they do it properly, but all we can do is hope.