Quick translation for a few custom menu items?

(Christoph) #1

When I add a custom menu item, say to the Hamburger menu, is there an easy way to provide translations for those items for a couple of locales?

I’d assume that this has come up before but I don’t seem to come up with the right search terms…

(Robin Ward) #2

How are you adding the custom menu item? Is it using our plugin api? If so there is probably a syntax I can share to help you do this.

(Christoph) #3

I am on phone-only these days and can’t seem to be able to copy code out of the theme editor :confused: to paste here, but I think the answer is yes, I’m using the api (api.decorateWidget).

(Robin Ward) #4

If you’re using api.decorateWidget you can call I18n.t('some.key') and it’ll be translated using our internal system.

Unfortunately that key will not show up in the admin > customize > text content because it doesn’t already exist.

Your best bet is to create a plugin to do this. Plugins can define new translations.

(Christoph) #5

Thanks for the advice. I’m afraid it’s a bit of an overkill to create a plugin to translate a couple of terms into a couple of languages.

Actually, maybe there is a misunderstanding? I am not looking for the actual translations (I can do those myself for the time being) but for a way of having these translated words displayed if a user has selected the respective locale.

(cpradio) #6

You would just have the following lines per language right?

  I18n.translations.en.js.filters.tags = { title: "Tags", help: "View all Tags" };
  I18n.translations.en.js.filters.unanswered = { title: "Unanswered", help: "View all Unanswered Topics" };

You would need to put in the correct paths, but the en would get replaced with each language variant.

(Christoph) #7

Could you explain a bit more? What would be an example of a “right path”?

(cpradio) #8

You would just copy the en version and replace “en” with the appropriate language identifier, such as, fa_ir

(Christoph) #9

Okay, then my question is rather, where do I find this code:

(cpradio) #10

In the custom JavaScript you used to create the hamburger menu item? … What code did you use to add items to the Hamburger Menu? (that may be the better question here)

(Christoph) #11