Quote reply button appearing above iOS menu

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@GiraffeSilver If you don’t mind could you post a screenshot? It shouldn’t appear above the quote reply. The quote button should appear below the highlighted text.

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Thanks for the screenshot! :smile:

np, if you are looking at the UI i might add another:
This is how the post layout looks when i’m using a external keyboard with the ipad (logitech folio something)

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Just want to add that is working perfect on Android after the commit to better handle touch end by @sam, please don’t break it :laughing:

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I’ve encountered the both of these on iOS 9 (but not before 9).

However since several forums I use all upgraded Discourse to the latest release at about the same time, I wasn’t 100% sure if it was the OS, browser’s incompatibility with iOS 9, or the new Discourse upgrade, so I thought to wait a bit more to see if any browser update comes out.

(I don’t use Mobile Safari, but the both bugs appear in my browser too).

We only support the official browser on mobile platforms. You may see very bizarre results with Chrome on iOS as it is super quirky.

Sure, but my browser (not Chrome) wasn’t updated recently and it worked well until last week when I updated iOS and when sites updated to Discourse.

I just tried to login to the same Discourse site using Mobile Safari, I can’t even login (stuck “Signing in”…). I’ll try later and update this post if I do not duplicate this problem on Mobile Safari.

Always test against http://try.discourse.org – otherwise we have no idea what version you’re testing against.

I tried multiple sites (3+), but now also try.discourse.org and the problem exists with Mobile Safari as well.
I updated iOS to 9.0.1 the other day.

Sorry, what are you talking about? What did you repro? Can you list the steps here, step by step, please? Does this relate to the first post or the title of the topic we are currently in?

Sorry - I thought it was clear from my first comment above: I am able to reproduce the two problems reported by GiraffeSilver above, using (among other sites) try.discourse.org.
My screenshots would be identical to his.

EDIT: Posting 2 examples, for completeness (thought to save space…):

EXAMPLE ONE: Browser Copy/Define/Share above Discourse’s Quote Reply:

EXAMPLE TWO: Comment becomes full screen

This is totally by design, it works around issues with safari and makes composer much more useful.

Incorrect position of quote reply though should be fixed if we can repro.

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That’s good to know the full screen thing is by design. I don’t know how others feel about this feature, but it feels a bit “jumpy” - I’d have to go back to use it once again, but I was under the impression that it’s sometimes half the screen size, at other times full screen, without obvious pattern in the way it behaves.
@GiraffeSilver why did you think it might be a bug?

The bug is about the composer being offset when using an external keyboard for the ipad. :smile:


Can I disable it? I can’t find the option anywhere

Ah… Now I seem to remember:

  • Minimize the keyboard to see what someone said - the composer drops down
  • Start typing in the composer, the on-screen keyboard pops up, the composer moves to top half of the screen
  • You can’t see what the person you’re trying to respond said (GOTO 1)

I somehow didn’t notice that before. I wonder if it’s something new in the latest Discourse or iOS or something in inadvertently enabled.

This is now fixed on mobile.