Quoting broken on mobile phone (quote only contains a single word)

After updating to beta6, we discovered on our instance quoting was broken on mobile devices.
Steps to reproduce:

  • try to quote text, the text highlighting is visible for a short time and then disappears

  • try to highlight the text again, highlighting it works, but the quote only contain a single word (the first word marked for the quote)

See a video:

It was confirmed on latest Bromite (Chrome fork) and latest Firefox on android, in safe-mode. Disabling the newly introduced fast edit feature doesn’t change anything.

Not reproducible on meta.

See here for details: Issues with the forum - #159 by Volker - The Forum - Fairphone Community Forum

Any ideas?

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We had a bug in this space for about a day or so around Thursday/Friday last week. That issue has since been fixed, that’s why you cannot repro on meta. A rebuild should fix it on your site as well.


Some details here @alex21