Quoting text on android


This pertains to my experience on discourse.suttacentral.net.

Say I want to quote part of a post by highlighting it and clicking quote. This works fine on my PC but on my Android phone it does not. I’ll hold down my finger to select text and what happens is the discourse quote icon and the Android cut-copy-select all window appear briefly then disappear and the text is unselected. Anyone else have this problem or can reproduce it? Any ideas?

Apologies if this has been asked before. Thanks.

They are out of date. View source says 1.8 beta 2. Update to latest.


Thanks, I’ve let them know.

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Out of curiosity, were you on Firefox? I fixed a bug recently with quoting on Firefox so upgrading to latest should work.


Was on on Chrome Beta. Thanks, I’ll try FF.

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It should work on Chrome beta. Have you upgraded to latest? If the problem hasn’t gone away after upgrading, can you let me know your Chrome version?