Quoting locked thread as part of a reply

Tried to quote a locked topic to answer, but had the reply turned into new topic.


  • Clicking reply button and move to other topic
    • Reply window still showing the reply for the “old” thread, which is intended.
  • Selecting text and quoting it
    • Reply window turns immediately into “New Topic” (with entire “old” reply getting replaced with the quote and “continue discussion”).

Is it possible to keep the reply instead?

is this what you mean ?

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Yes, it is.

As sometimes replying multiple posts requires quotes from different threads, having the original reply kept is necessary I believe, especially when quoting locked thread is limited.

You can quote many times in a single post.

Just keep the editor open at the bottom, select the text you want to quote and press the quote button.

That would pop the quote into the editor.

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Tried this, original reply got reset (as mentioned above)

it works, like above. multiple quotes and from different topics

There’s a quirk where it depends on if your reply window is open or minimised.


  • Open the composer in a non-closed topic
  • Navigate to the closed topic you wish to quote
  • Don’t minimise the composer
  • Highlight and quote the excerpt you want (you may need to minimise your keyboard to create space)
  • And that should drop it in your existing reply

If your reply window is minimised when you highlight and quote, it will ‘reply as new topic’

I should also say that I mainly use my mobile phone, so it may be different on desktop. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Scratch that last bit - apparently it’s the same for desktops too. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


The process is still the same.

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Ah, this explains. Had it minimized when quoting earlier