Quoting non-clickable links makes them clickable

Here’s a link to a web site that’s purposefully been made non-clickable by wrapping it in back ticks, eg:


It then displays like this:


Not clickable :+1:t2:


But now if I quote that link:

It becomes clickable :-1:t2:


Thanks for the pr-welcome tag @nat :smiley:

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From the title, I thought this had something to do with some (probably ill-advised) javascript blocking right-clicks.

Maybe: “When URLs intentionally made unclickable via backticks are quoted, they’re rendered as hyperlinks”?

The behavior is different depending on the selection method.

  1. Select before and after content: it captures the whole markdown, and keeps the backticks.

  2. Select the line manually by dragging the mouse selects only the text, so it doesn’t keep the backticks.

  3. Select the whole line by triple-clicking the mouse click: it selects the whole line text + invisible wrapping elements such as HTML tags. Therefore the backticks are kept.

I’m not sure it could be fixed, or not easily, since it seems to depend more on how the OS or browser does the selection. But I’m no dev. :slight_smile: