Random Assign on Topic Creation?

I find it hard to believe that Discourse Automation cannot randomly assign a user from a group on topic creation in specific categories.

I worked with the support they seem to echo the same thing.

I went on to use the “Random Assign” script, and the Trigger can only be “Recurring/Point in Time.” I assumed may periodically, automation will assign a user to topics.

But then I see “Assigned Topic ID”. If there’s a single Topic ID I need to provide, I wonder what use case requires multiple people to be randomly be assigned to same topic in either Recurring/Point in Time?


Two scenarios:

  1. A recurring task where the topic serves as a checklist for what to do, and
  2. A long term project requiring multiple assignments over time

Examples from my personal forums:

  1. A checklist for cleaning the bathroom, assigned to random family member, and
  2. My kid and I taking turns importing and sorting our admittedly too large collection of Nintendo Switch media :sweat_smile: :video_game:

In either case, that automation supports those kinds of use cases. Random assign on topic creation? :thinking:

If it can’t be done currently, that would be a neat #feature topic. :+1: