Assign a topic to a group of users?

Is it possible to assign a topic for a group of users using the Assign plugin?

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No, you can only assign a topic to a single user. This user needs to be a member of an assign-allowed group.


Has anyone figured out ways to either assign multiple users, or use some other technique to workaround this limitation?

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@Roman_Rizzi is adding this option likely in the future? It seams very useful for my situation. For example, being able to assign to DesignGroup or EngineeringTeam seems like it would be fairly common since those groups work on things together and only have 2-3 people in them.

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I don’t think we’ll be adding this feature, sorry. I believe it goes against the purpose of the plugin because assigning a topic to a group makes it harder to tell who’s responsible.

Have you considered using tags instead?


Would the thinking be different if the question were phrased as:

Assign a topic/message to multiple users at the same time?

Very often we have a single request that needs to be handled independently by multiple people. (e.g., Persons X, Y, and Z need to do code review; team members A, B, C, and D all need to summarize their user interviews.)

Otherwise, we have to create parallel topics for the same request, to accomodate each assignee, which seems noisy.

We use assign in that way today, with the assignee being the task owner. Even if a task goes out to an entire team, each has a responsible party.

It would be really messy during a stand-up to ask for an update and have 15 people all try to chip in simultaneously.

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We started considering an optional feature of being able to assign to groups.

No commitments yet, but we had some situations where it could be useful for largeish teams.


Any movement on this one? Would be hugely helpful for our team. :pray: Thank you!

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We discussed this again very recently, but couldn’t come up with an unanimous agreement about how it would work. It is not on the roadmap for the plugin.

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