Random iOS observation on page navigation

As you scroll on iOS, the bottom bar of Safari disappears. When this happens, if you tap on the bottom 20 or so pixels, it doesn’t interact with your page, but it first brings up the Safari navigation. So, in trying to interact with the page navigation on iOS, you’ll actually need to tap twice.

I realized this when recently adding a Go To Top button which can help on category fronts if you want to quickly see if there are new posts, or if you’ve scrolled down and want an easy way to get to the mobile breadcrumbing to go to the category.

At first, I only had a 10 pixel bottom margin, and always found myself double tapping to activate it. but once I changed the margin to 30 pixels, it worked much better. The only negative to the button is that if I happen to enter a first large topic and didn’t start at the top, it won’t take me to post 1.

Anyhow, just wanted to share this experience. Perhaps it’s something we should consider in the future regarding the placement of the page navigator, though it may look funny floating a bit higher.

On iOS simply tap the top bar of safari to go to the top of any page. Sadly Android has no equivalent.


Thx. Would have never known that! I can’t imagine many of our users would either. As I scrolled, the top bar still required a double tap, first to ensure I wasn’t trying to go to the address field, and then the top tap would indeed take me to the top of the page.

Just scroll down a bit first. No need to double tap.

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