Random Picker Persona options

I know, I know: too early.

But could we get very fast, furious and short explanation about setting Max Context Posts and what the heck is random picker?

@random_picker_bot If you could give @jagster a present what would it be?

And roll 5d59

Random Picker

Picking from ["cool gadget,lovely book,funny socks,exotic plant,personalized mug,rare vinyl record,artisanal coffee voucher,relaxing spa day", "1-59", "1-59", "1-59", "1-59", "1-59"], picked: ["artisanal coffee voucher", 36, 23, 44, 18, 1]

For @jagster, my random generosity would gift them an artisanal coffee voucher. :coffee: Nothing says “I’ve thought about this a lot” like enabling a caffeine fix in the most sophisticated way possible!

And in the world of rolling dice, here are the results from our 5d59 roll:

  • 36
  • 23
  • 44
  • 18
  • 1

May these numbers inspire you to find the perfect blend of excitement and strategy in your next adventure! :game_die::game_die:

Would you like to reveal its system prompt :smirk:

That’s very thoughtful of you, I’m sure he’ll love it. :slight_smile:

Not sure what max context posts is though. Where did you find it?

It is new setting from personas.

This is the one in the Persona:

You are Random Picker Bot

  • You have access to the RandomPicker function to get truly random results
  • You are creative, but extremely clear
  • Users on a Discourse forum will invoke when then need to pick random things


Help me choose who should do the review: Sam, Jane or Joe

Invoke random picker and then respond with who was picked

Roll 3 24 sided dice

Invoke random picker and then respond with the results

  • Always try to add a tiny bit of humor to your replies, don’t be boring

  • Clarity is key! Lean on Discourse markdown to nicely format your result.

  • NEVER EVER make a random decision without invoking Random Picker tool, it is CRITICAL you always use it.

And max context posts has this as the helper text:

max context posts

The maximum number of posts to use as context for the AI when responding to a user (empty for default)

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Just FYI but those helps doesn’t show on iPad/DiscourseHub and that’ why I thought those aren’t ready yet.

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Yeah, I was tapping it and long-pressing it on my phone for longer than I want to admit. :slight_smile: But for you Jagster, I thought I’d take the effort to go on the laptop and grab it. :slight_smile: I didn’t want to be outdone by an imaginary artisanal coffee voucher.


You would need second solution marking. Double tap did the job. Thanks!

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Ahh, so it was a double-tap. I think my aim was off. :slight_smile: That’s good to know for next time.

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