Random-seeming results from settings search

I’ve asked in the past for the admin settings to be reorganized to be more discoverable. I was essentially shouted down and told it was unnecessary because of search. Here’s what I got today looking for the cheer points tuning.

I don’t see how anything in the first page is related to cheers, either directly or indirectly


We have Fuzzy Matching now, which has admittedly picked up a couple of comments for being a little too fuzzy… :slight_smile: It essentially matches anything with C*H*E*E*R in, in that order.

I think the best place to grab all of a plugin’s settings is from the /admin/plugins page:

Though we are hoping to do some organisational work to the settings in the near future, which should hopefully give you exactly what you’ve been asking for. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:


What? That makes no sense at all. Searching “Google” shows only things having to do with Google, but “cheer” appears to be anything with those letters, which seems bizarre.

The good news, that seems like “fuzzy matching” is that “ga auto” finds these things, which seems like a huge improvement.

I’m stumped by “cheer” though.

Wait. I think I see “cheer” does not appear in site_settings.yml, so it then does the absurd fuzzy match that you’re talking about.


It also searches the descriptions too, so all the score value ones are there in the results:

Just way down under the Plugin tab. :frowning:


Thanks for bringing this up, @ganncamp. I just published a fix that addresses this very issue.


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