Admin setting search is too fuzzy

FWIW Those settings appear when I search for tag in the admin page. Did you flip to the ‘tags’ tab?

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@JammyDodger I just go to Admin → Settings and type in the search field…

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That’s the right way. :+1: (though, in your video it seems you’re on the ‘Required’ tab rather than ‘All’). But with something like tag it’ll have quite a lot of settings with it in so you may need to refine the search or go through the tabs to filter the results. On the ‘All’ tab you’d see this at the bottom:

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I think I should be able to hit Admin → Settings and type in a string and not have to scroll around to find a tab (or hit All, and get a crazy amount of results). Kind of defeats the purpose of a quick search, no?

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How would it know which of the settings with tag in is the one you’re looking for?

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It should do better than this (notice that the string tags is nowhere close to the top of the results)…


We recently had a change to include fuzzy matching to help people who didn’t know the exact name of a setting:

Perhaps there’s a case to have closer matches towards the top of the results. :thinking:

Though for something like tag, I think your best bet is to check the Tags tab of the settings if you’re not looking for something you know the name of.


It’s overly fuzzy IMO (either that or it’s not fuzzy enough, not sure which it is…)
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It totally was! Several improvements to the site settings search were made last week, so it should be better about returning more accurate results now.

See this post: Random-seeming results from settings search - #7 by blake


Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Thank you!!!

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