Ranking for setting primary groups

It would be nice to be able to use a numeric ranking for primary groups, so that members in multiple groups that want to be set as primary can have a deterministic outcome.

For example I have groups for racing categories A—D, and then the same for female only categories A—D. Members are only in one category for mixed, and one category for female only at any given time, but women can obviously be in two primary groups. If we had a numerical ranking, I could set it higher for the female groups so that their flair represents their female category by default. In this scenario, mixed category vs female only category can differ, hence why this would be useful.

I’ve also seen other threads about which primary group “wins”, so this would reduce the surprise of it currently depending on the order a user is added to groups.


I believe we are planning some work to resolve the confusion around “which group is primary” soon, because it comes up a lot.