Rate-Limit Message displaying as 'Out of Reactions'

Hi there, we recently implemented the Reaction plugin on our instance and one of our members is reporting that he hit the ‘maximum daily reactions’ ceiling. He mentioned that he was hit with the modal after changing the reactions/adding a reaction for about 10 times.

So my questions are:

  • Can we remove the ‘daily reactions limit’ altogether? Or,
  • Adjust the limit for each TL? (Haven’t seen this setting anywhere on site settings)

Thanks :+1:


That one looks like it’s actually the ‘You gave too many likes/reactions too quickly’ warning rather than the ‘you’re out of Likes’ warning due to the small amount of time you’d have to wait to have them back again. It may be a case of needing to update the message text.

I don’t think Reactions are limited to x amount per day the same as Likes are? (max likes per day)


Hmm interesting, would you happen to know the interval/duration between each reaction that a user have to wait before making/changing their reactions?

Also does this interval/duration increase/decrease as they go up or down the trust levels? :thinking:

Also I found the query needed to edit said modal: js.discourse_reactions.reaction.too_many_request

I’ll increase the max likes per day to 100 just to be sure :+1:

I think it’s very short, so you’d have to hit a few in a matter of seconds to trigger a cooldown period. If you read a post and react/like in the usual manner you shouldn’t see it at all. I don’t think Trust Level has any effect. If the user repeatedly tapped the reaction to give/remove/change one then that’s likely what they hit (and why). I think it’s mainly an anti-spam feature to stop people adding loads without reading anything.

I think we may need to change that message for everyone, so if that happens I’ll give you a shout so you can reset to default. :+1:

I would avoid changing the base like amount if you can as that affects the associated badges. But tweaking the like multipliers works quite well to give more likes without pumping up how many you need to give in a day to get the Out Of Love, etc ones.

Huh, I didn’t know we could do that. Which section should I go to under site settings to tweak the like multipliers? Thanks

If you use the admin setting search and pop in additional likes per day multiplier it should bring up all of them. :+1: They’re in the rate limit section, and there are a few others for edits and flags too.


Thinking of changing the modal text to below:

Whoa, hold your horses! You’re seeing this pop-up because we noticed that you’ve been reacting to post(s) rather quickly. How about taking a small break and come back after %{time_left}?

Though I think I’ll need to wait for other Discourse members to chime in before deciding whether this is a concrete solution or not :+1:

@Vu_Tran_Nguyen FYI

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I’m just double-checking to see if Reactions are now linked to the ‘max like’ setting. The manner in which it was triggered and the very short cooldown period in your screenshot makes me think there’s been a mix-up, but I’d rather be certain. :slight_smile:


Hi Albert,

Please keep the default setting of the reaction limit. I would think to change to something more positive like:

Thank you for your enthusiam. We bet that the original posters love all your likes and reactions. Please come back after %{time_left} to continue your encouragement towards community users. Kudos to all the positivity!

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FWIW The original should be “You have been reacting a bit too fast, try again in %{time_left}”


This seems to be in Discourse too, when rate limited it tells me “You’re out of likes - try again in 50 seconds!”

I think the issue here is that the same text string (js.discourse_reactions.reaction.too_many_request) is used both when a user triggers the rate limit by repeatedly adding and removing a reaction and when a user has selected the reaction that is used for ‘likes’ on the site and then reached the daily like limit. That limit is set by the max likes per day site setting.

I was able to trigger the issue that your user ran into by performing a similar action to what they did. It took a bit of effort to trigger the issue. I don’t think many users are going to run into it. That said, the error message that is displayed for this case is not accurate. The user has not exceeded their daily reactions (‘likes’) limit. All they have done is hit a Discourse rate limit that’s triggered when a user performs the same action too many times in succession. I think we need a separate error message to handle this case.


I think this should be fixed now in:

You should see that on your site the next time it’s updated. :+1:

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