Rating the Importance of a Post: Idea

Hello, everyone! This is my first topic, and I have an idea for the Forum

I’ve been on a separate forum for a while and I was thinking…

What if every post had an additional section in the ••• section to rate a post. This rating would show how effective the post was. Obviously, some posts would have higher rating than others, so then the “scroller” on each topic would show you where more important posts were.

Posts with high levels of importance would be easy to find throughout the forum, and moderators would also be allowed to make a post the highest level of importance. Rating a post would be on a scale of 1 - 100, and a user would be able to see the average of votes (also a user would be able to see the amount of people voting on a certain percent)

Doesnt this seem unfair to some posts?
Yes, it would be unfair, but a rating would only appear if at least 5 users voted on it (of at least 3 levels of trust) We would still need to think about posts with extremely low ratings (those would possibly already be flagged). Having at least 5 voters would remove the temptation of a “hater” or “lover” being able to vote once and effecting everyone.

I’ll be adding more to this post, feel free to ask questions and speculate. I will answer questions in the second section of this post, and also creating another post below for further purposes and ideas


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More ideas on rating posts:

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Hi JonnyGamer! :slight_smile: You’ve thought a lot about addressing this! I think it’s not available in the forum where we are — but there’s a feature where Discourse automatically summarises long topics to show the “most interesting” posts, calculated according to post read time, number of likes etc

You can see this in long topics (random example of a long topic here, there is a Summarize This Topic button at the end of the first post)

But having votes is an interesting idea & marking important posts on the scrollbar :smiley:


Woah! That’s awesome :smile:
I didn’t know that! Summaries are very helpful, that’s awesome!!
Ok, my mind is blown, I shall brainstorm more ideas :sweat_smile:

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