Ratings instead of Hearts for Likes

The user should be able to provide a 0-5 rating instead of just hearts for likes on posts and comments. It allows people to give a full heart, but also give less than full support to things they don’t fully agree with. This means that you can compromise more with others, which is necessary to reach greater consensus and quality of discussion in various communities. This should be a toggleable option for community moderators.

We do have a voting plugin that enables voting on topics, it’s not exactly what you’re asking for… but it’s a little closer.

It allows you to give users a pool of votes, so someone could vote for a specific topic 10 times or 10 topics 1 time…


This appears to be more a case of Cumulative Voting, where the voting is limited, rather than Score Voting, where the votes are unlimited. The problem with it is that while it does measure intensity of preference to a greater extent, it also encourages people to be a bit strategic about what they vote for, which I think is actually worse than just letting people vote once on each option as we do currently.

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This can be done with Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

Use the limited emoji feature and limit the reaction to


:zero: :one: :two: :three: :four: :five:


Will this add up and show the ratings below each post and comment rated, or only in the rating-giver’s comments?