Re-bootstrap data container in a split setup?

I’m running a split setup (data and web_only containers). This makes it easy and quick to update the web container with minimal downtime. :+1:

However, I noticed today that the web container I’m running is based on samsaffron/discourse 1.0.10 while the data container is based on samsaffron/discourse 1.0.6. Presumably, at some point, it would be a good idea to update the data container as well.

What’s the recommended process there? Shut down the web container, destroy, bootstrap and launch a new data container, then launch the web container again? Are there any gotchas related to the update, in terms of not screwing up my data…?

If that’s correct, which it seems to be, that would be:

./launcher stop web && ./launcher rebuild data && ./launcher start web

Is this correct @sam?

The recipe above seems to have done it’s thing with no adverse effects.

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Yes that is correct,

stop web
rebuild data
rebuild web