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Are reactions counted as a like against TL demands?

(And if the answer is yes then the next question is: when the heck shall we others get same system :wink: )


you have them, you can enable them in plugins-discoures reactions settings.


They do not currently count towards Trust Levels in the same way Likes do, so you would still need to give and receive one Like to reach TL2 (and 20|30 over 100 days to count towards TL3).

They are indeed available on all of our plans if you’re hosted by us. :partying_face: :discourse: But self-hosters would need to install the plugin the same as the others. :+1:


So boring :rofl:

I’ve used reactions plugin a while now. But I was sure layout of reaction box was different and that could be an indicator of different system.

But same it was. You guys are just showing more reactions than I.

So basically… this was site feedback news indeed :wink:


I tried to pick an appropriate category so as not to oversell it, but I’m sorry for getting your hopes up. :slight_smile:


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Reactions are back! :rocket: :star_struck:

I feel like they make participating more fun as you can actually tell the OP how you feel or thereabouts anyway.


There are plans to enable the selector to count all reactions as likes?


There is a discussion about it:


The current emojis available for me with the likes option are


Would like to suggest that the eyes be added.

I think we can accommodate that. :slight_smile: I’ve also slipped in a :+1: to balance out the display.

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The real hero right here. :+1: is such a common replacement for :heart: that I’ve been baffled by its absence.


I think the initial thought was that it’s so similar to :heart:, and we were looking to channel that response into the Likes as they help post-scoring and other counted things.

But it has been a notable absence, so let’s include it and see how it goes. :slight_smile:

(I think in a perfect world we’d have something like this so it was less of a thing - Reactions count as likes?, but it’s still on my wishlist)


I actually can’t think of a time where :hugs: will be used. Maybe replace with :person_shrugging: / :question: / :thinking: .

I feel like :tada: is better than :confetti_ball:, but that might just be me.

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Okay, a revised one of the use of Reactions since they were enabled back in May -

reaction count
:heart: 50224
:100: 740
:rocket: 429
:laughing: 362
:chefs_kiss: 284
:clap: 263
:star_struck: 208
:hugs: 178
:discourse: 174
:confetti_ball: 157
:cry: 103
:exploding_head: 101
:+1: 7
:eyes: 6

It was trickier than I thought as the Likes and Reaction counts are handled differently, but I think I got there in the end. :slight_smile:


Pretty interesting. Would not have expected :100: to be above :+1:, especially with that gap

I think it may have had a headstart. :slight_smile:


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It does seem like an opportune moment for an update: :slight_smile:

reaction count
:heart: 84643
:100: 1231
:+1: 1205
:rocket: 757
:laughing: 633
:chefs_kiss: 489
:clap: 483
:star_struck: 409
:hugs: 289
:discourse: 274
:confetti_ball: 238
:exploding_head: 192
:cry: 178
:eyes: 152

This is from May 17th, though :+1: and :eyes: were added later on at the end of August.