Read-only account for sales prospects please?!


Our discourse forum is only for customers who buy our software. All categories are closed to the public. But we want to entice prospects (close to buying but not yet customers) by giving them a read only account. They would be able to login and browse the categories, but not post or reply, and we keep the forum private.

I’m told that’s not yet possible, but it would be a really powerful sales tool for us. Prospects would be able to see the great discussions our customers have (and see how great discourse software is!)

Any ideas if that can be developed? Thank you!

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Customer create account.

Admin / Group Owner adds this new account to the group “Sales Prospects”

All Categories have the read-only security for the group “Sales Prospects”, and “read, reply, create” for groups “Customers” or “Company”.