Readable full access site, SSO login to POST

We’d like to permit visitors to be able to read content without having to go through SSO to read. Currently at we reroute visitors to our login page. It’s too much friction to sign in with SSO just to read a post.

Sorry if this has been posted before, but been searching for days without able to find any related questions.

You just need to disable login_required on site settings.


Thanks! I appreciate it, even if it was obvious.


At the moment, our site requires users to log in to view and post.
We have login_required and must_approve_users active.

If we want to allow anyone to view the content but that only registered users that are logged in can post, how do we achieve this?

@growthcommunity @Falco

Sounds like you need the standard behaviour - disabling login_required should do the trick?


Thanks, just wanted to make sure before messing up things!