Reader badge not awarded

I know this has been discussed elsewhere (and in earlier iterations marked as solved), but I still experience the reader badge not being awarded (and users asking about it). Is there anything I can do?

Can you repro @techapj?

So weird I thought I replied here, but must have lost reply somewhere.

The reader badge requires that you read EVERY post in a 100+ post topic. It is only calculated daily. This is why it is rather hard to get.

  1. We only run the badge grant daily, you may have read all the posts at 2PM but by 10PM when the job runs there are new posts.

  2. It is VERY hard for end users to find “reading gaps”, reading gaps sometimes happen when you follow links or skip to end of topic. We have discussed in the past allowing you to find the gaps and will probably get to it when we redo the progress bar.


Ok, I understand. Maybe there is a different way to do this, I think especially considering how tricky it is to calculate it is a bit complex to communicate to the average user how this badge can be “won”…