Receiving email notifications for pms though I'm connected to the forum

On my new forum as well as on meta, I receive email notifications while I’m connected and active on the forum.
To be sure, I asked @Arkshine to send me a direct message while I was using meta, and I indeed received an email notification.

It was not the case before. It’s a bit annoying :sweat_smile:

Is this just for PMs, or for everything? There are two separate preferences under the ‘email’ section of your user settings:

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Weird, it was on “always”, but I’m 95% sure I didn’t get emails for direct messages when I was connected before. Has “always” always been the default value? :thinking:

Looking at git, the default hasn’t been changed since the setting was added over a year ago:

Maybe my feeling was biased by the fact I received more direct messages than usuan then. Thank you for your clarification :+1:

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