User Email preferences being overriden

I’ve been setting my Email notification preferences to Never but it seems to be reset after a few hours.

Is this expected behavior or is there something wrong with my installation? I’m on Discourse 2.8.0.beta7 if that makes any difference.

Please start by updating to latest beta and see if it still happens, so we can rule out any bugs that have been fixed in the meanwhile.

Update as of 2021-12-29T07:36:00Z:

@RGJ It has reverted my settings again to always send.

Are there any logs I can check to see what is changing my settings? Thank you!

Got it. Thanks! Just upgraded to 2.8.0.beta10. Hopefully, that fixes things.

Are you able to repro this issue on meta?

Testing now. Can anyone please DM me to test? :sweat_smile: Thank you!

Here are my current settings here in Meta:

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Just sent you a DM… @rkda

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Thanks @sam! I’ve received two DMs (one from @JammyDodger) and my settings have not been overridden. I’m no closer to getting to the bottom of this mystery🤔

Not sure if it makes any difference but those in our Discourse instance, those DMs are from staged users. They’re posted via email but it shouldn’t make a difference AFAIK.

Is there a Discourse setting to override email preferences? I might have inadvertently enabled it somehow. That’s the only explanation that makes sense right now :man_facepalming:

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