Recent problem under iOS 9.3.5

Up until a few days ago it was possible to view on an iPad running 9.3.5. Now the page shows as white.

This screenshot shows errors that happen on the page. Do any seem familiar?

By the way, the same errors show for

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Is there a specific reason you are stuck on this very old version ?

The person reporting the problem has an iPad just for viewing the forum I think, and it happens to be old enough that 9.3.5 is the latest he can be on.

Was there a recent change that would explain why it no longer works?

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We always strive to keep up with a fairly aggressive browser target. More is written here, What is Discourse? | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

At the moment we officially no longer support iOS 9. What that means is that we can lean on more browser features with less messy poly fills.

As to what will happen here:

@joffreyjaffeux will be investigating this.

  • If there is a trivial fix here, we will get it sorted

  • If anything is looking complicated we will fix it so we properly display a “browser not compatible” message on the page.


Thanks. How about the timing, is it just in the last few days that you did something that would break iOS 9? The iPad owner says the forum was ok last week.

Also, are all forums based on your software obliged to follow your minimum requirements, or can they do their own patches to stay compatible?

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It is likely to be something that happened in the last month and a bit, we don’t deploy our hosted enterprise customers as aggressively as we deploy this site (which is deployed every commit).

There have been some changes that could have caused this, @joffreyjaffeux will report back in the next day or so.

As to forking or patching to get compatibility, this is not an easy task. Discourse is a pretty rich application and we tend to take advantages on modern browser facilities, this is a moving target. We do not like complicating our internal code to work around browser spec deficiencies, we only do so when we have no choice.

That said, we are pretty committed to have a readonly view for crawlers, so for example:


Which will work on almost all browsers even ancient ones.

Let’s wait on what @joffreyjaffeux has to say here.

If you somehow want to fallback to “readonly” view for browsers that are not supported (instead of sorry, browser is not supported) this is work I would not mind exploring, shoot us off a separate message here to @team


Thanks for looking into it.



this commit should solve the issue:


Thanks, I will have the old iPad user try again.

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We will need to deploy sketchup first :slight_smile:


Of course, that did occur to me. I was going to have him try your site first.


I heard back, your forum now can be seen on the older iPad.


We will get you deployed today, in the next hour or so