Recently Used Devices and geolocation

Before the update to 2.5.0beta5 our users were able to see the estimated geolocation for the Recently Used Devices. Now for all visits there is only the text “unknown” (see screenshot). Is there some data that got lost in the update to 2.5.0beta5 or is there a new privacy setting that I have missed?

MaxMindDB needs update. That might not be the right link, but search. You need to get an API key from maxmind.

I don’t see a proper #howto on this subject. @jomaxro, you might want to check that there is one.

Yeah. Not easy to find Upgrade / Rebuilds Fail due to MaxMind DB EOL.

But I think I remember that the admin page links to the docs?

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Thank you very much. Registering for a MaxMindDB account and setting up the API key.