Upgrade / Rebuilds Fail due to MaxMind DB EOL

We now support the officially supported way of obtaining databases per:


If you wish to get regular MaxMind updates you will have to head to GeoLite2 Sign Up | MaxMind to register an account and generate a license key.

Then you would amend your container to include it in the env: section:


The fix ensures there is no time bomb anymore. If we have no license key we will never try to download the files.

We are discussing with MaxMind the possibility of bundling the updated DBs in our new base images. There are 2 alternatives here for self hosters depending on the outcome:

  1. No IP resolution on user profile page and admin page until you add a license

  2. Stale IP resolution for up to N days since you got a base image (aka did ./launcher rebuild app )

It is very likely (1) will be the self-hoster outcome.

We are also investigating other alternatives here, but our hands are pretty tied.

I am pretty against adding functionality to core that does IP lookups via a web service cause that exposes information to a third party. There are only 2 real big alternatives out there and both require registration.