Recovering Discourse from a failed update

I wrecked my installation while trying to update Docker and nothing is working now. And I don’t have a backup.

How to do I tell what the state of my docker and in discourse installations are and figure out how to put this back together?

Is it possible to recover the data from my discourse installation and start over?

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Define “wrecked” ?

Post some logs into a (etc) and post your docker version as well?

The link to the log is below. I tried update Discourse, but had to update Docker first. I followed the directions on meta for updating, but had some problems.

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near the end, it says Please run ./launcher rebuild again what happened then?

I just re-ran it:

root@coastsider:/var/discourse# ./launcher rebuild
Config file was not found, ensure containers/.yml exists

Available configs ( app )

With ./launcher rebuild app wouldn’t it work ?


I got stuck upgrading and I tried to the following:

I am getting the identical message.

That’s because the command is

./launcher rebuild app


./launcher app rebuild


Ah, I didn’t even catch that… I’d rebuild enough times that I used the up arrow key & return to rerun the same command.

Maybe instead of:

Please run ./launcher rebuild again

the line should be

Please re-run:

./launcher rebuild app

EDIT - PR Submitted


My site is back.

Thank you for walking through that.