Upgrade failed - could use some help to try and fix using SSH

Yesterday I had an admin message about upgrades. From the web UI, I did the Docker upgrade first and this seemed to go well. After it finished, the upgrade button for Discourse was enabled and I initiated that. At some point something broke and now our site is down. I was on my phone at the time and I didn’t manage to look at the log carefully to see where exactly things broke, before

I’m currently pocking around over SSH and about to try ./launcher rebuild app to hopefully get a better idea about what exactly is the problem in the upgrade. I’ve never done Discourse command-line repair and I want to make sure that I don’t blow away our data. Looking over app.yml, I see that the container is stateless - great - and that all the data is on the host, accessed as a shared volume.

I ran discourse-doctor and it looks like disk space is not the issue. Will the rebuild app command touch the local data store?

Yes, do the ./launcher rebuild app that should do it. It will not blow away your data.

If you’d rather not to it yourself, please see Automatic Rebuilds When You Need Them.


Thanks, the rebuild seems to have worked - the GitHub avatars and favicon don’t show for some reason, though.

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