Red spot to indicate new users to review

Is there any way to switch this off. Our forum is for a group of people with a certain characteristic that occasionally may take time to establish, so it is kind of irritating for all the admin team to have this displayed.

I’m not following what you are describing, can you elaborate or perhaps share a screenshot?

Will do as soon as it happens again.

Are you taking about the red dot that shows how many reviews there are? I don’t think you can change that. It’s generally assumed that a community manager wants to deal with those issues asap.

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Yes, when it refers to new user sign-ups . I prefered the previous system where there was a “pending” column in the users area, with check boxes adjacent to new sign-ups

I am coming back to this to see if I can explain the issue in more detail. Our group requires everyone to have a government issued ID known as a call sign. If you can listen to any radio frequency transmission anywhere in the world, it has a call sign - even your local radio or TV. Ours are amateur. Often when people sign up to our there may be delays while their sign up is fully validated - indeed some try to sign up days before they receive their government ID from the US FCC, the Australian ACMA, the Canadian / or in Domincan republic e.t.c.e.t.c

What bothers me is that while I am in the process of validating a sign up or even waiting for a new sign-up to receive their government ID (Licence) I cannot simply mark their sign up as pending and in-process so that the red spot is removed from all other staff. Currently I have no other option but to delete the signup so that other staff are not confused by the continuous red spot.

I hope I have explained this clearly but please ask if anything is not.


Maybe what you want is a discourse group for approved users. Once they provide the call sign, you add them to the group. Then limit full user privileges (eg posting or accessing private discussions etc) to that group.


To be clear this is what I mean image

Not sure I can follow how that would work.

I think that what you are looking for would be to be able to claim a review item for when a user needs approval. Flagged posts in the review queue can be claimed by a staff member. When that is done, only the staff member who claimed the flag can act on it. A similar functionality is not available for pending users in the review queue.

You could allow users to signup for your site without approval, but protect some or all of the content on your site so that it can only be accessed by members of a group. You would add users to this group when they give your their call sign. For details about setting up categories in this way, have a look at How to use category security settings to control access to content.